We understand that today’s activities rely completely on Information Technologies which are sustained in your cabling infrastructure, but is your structured cabling designed to hold all of your network´s traffic?.

Copper Cabling Solutions

We bring the most reliable cabling solutions on the market as we implement them using the world’s best vendors, offering scalable, modular and certified cabling using the best practices to ensure your network´s infrastructure optimal performance all the time. Our Copper Cabling solutions range from these 3 different categories:

Copper Cabling Solutions
  • CAT5E

    The most popular cabling category, this cable can support the following speeds, 10MB/100MB/1000MB at three levels of shielding, UTP, FTP and SFTP.

  • CAT6

    This type of cabling solution is becoming very popular among customers with high traffic on their networks and it's recommended for IP telephony implementation, this solution runs at natively at GigaSpeed (1000MB) at three levels of shielding – UTP, FTP and SFTP.

  • CAT6A

    This solution is recommended for Ultra High Network traffic or Data Center Environments this cable speed is Ten Gigaspeed (10,000MB), these cables are shielded in the following standards SFTP, FFTP and FUTP.


High demand data transfers require bringing up the speed of your network to a maximum, as well as data centers and riser backbones, for these particular scenarios is always recommended to implement Dynamic Communications’ fiber optics structured cabling solutions which take advantage of the latest industries ‘standards to enhance your network´s connectivity to its optimal functionally.

We offer fiber optic state-of-the-art solutions and:

  • Cabling solution pre-configuration, installation, reconfiguration and maintenance.
  • On site Fiber Optic Fusion.
  • Riser Backbone optimization.

These solutions are provided by: